Shaml Coalition

About us

Who we are

"Shaml Syrian CSOs Coalition" is a coalition of eight Syrian CSOs that have joined together with the objective of empowering Syrian civil society to have a larger role in promoting democracy, human rights, and citizen equality in Syria. Shaml is comprised of a group of some successful and promising Syrian CSOs:


Basmeh and Zeitooneh, Emissa, Kesh Malek, Local Development and Small Projects Support (LDSPS), Olive Branch, Space of Hope, The Day After, and Women Now for Development.

Our approach

Our Mission
SHAML Coalition is a coalition of organizations, associations and initiatives of Syrian Civil Society that believe in the adopted values and principles of the coalition and works towards building a role model in practicing and believing in these values through: .
  • Building and supporting the capacity building of Syrian civil society institutions in general and those being part of the SHAML coalition in specific.
  • Sharing and spreading of knowledge among Syrian civil society institutions.
  • Mobilization and advocacy to spread the values that the coalition believes in on both national and international levels.
  •          Leading joint programs between members to enhance coordination and participation

Our Vision
A Syrian society that believes in the values of democracy, human rights, and equality among all citizens regardless of gender, ethnicity, or belief.

Shaml’s vision is centered around advocating for democratic civic rights and values, and aims to integrate these values in the wide range of services provided in Syria by all members, with the ultimate goal of promoting these values within the Syrian society and make them become widely accepted. Shaml works towards a democratic future for Syria that respects and adheres to international norms relating to human rights and gender equality. To achieve this, Shaml members believe in taking a holistic approach infusing every aspect of their work